Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Korean Mother Sauces

I found a blog written by an American living in S. Korea called Zenkimchi. It is a food blog, but there is also information about the ins and outs of living in Korea without being able to speak fluent Korean. The latest post is about the three basic "bases" in Korean cooking, toenjang (soybean paste), koch' ujang (red pepper paste), and kangjang (soysauce). On a previous post he shows how to make kelp stock or dashi (also called sun dried anchovy stock- so that's why Mom always had packages of dried fish!) which is one of the two stocks used in Korean cooking (the other being White Beef Stock). He uses photos so it's easy to follow how to do it. He links to another blog called Ya Rayi Our Rai that has a more indepth article about the three Mother Sauces and the two basic stocks used in Korean cooking. If I ever am able to really get into cooking, I'd like to become good at cooking Korean food.

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