Saturday, March 11, 2006

Quick Flan

Speaking of flan... Don't start cracking the eggs and separating the yolks out. Don't make a hot water bath for your custard cups. Don't start making your own caramel. Just go to the Mexican section at the grocery store and buy some Con-Gelli. It comes with a package of caramel to squeeze into your custard cups, and all you do is bring four cups of milk to a slow boil and mix in the packet. It's just as good as the stuff I used to serve at Vargo's (Houston). Having two six year olds, a one and a half year old, and a thirty seven year old (all boys) to take care of, any time savers are appreciated. Add some raspberries and a small sprig of mint, and you have something special. I think Jax would have liked it, but he heard me tell Puddleglum, "Mmm. This reminds me of that egg custard pie at House of Pies that I used to get all the time." Then Jax took a few bites and said, "it tastes like eggs." Then he wouldn't eat any more. I guess for him, eggs and dessert don't mix.

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