Saturday, October 21, 2006

Another Cool Cooking Site

Back in January I wrote a post that linked to a neat Norwegian website where you can watch videos of them cooking different dishes. I like the videos because they are quick and to the point. I found an Italian website with similar videos. They are narrated in English and maybe a minute each. The narrator has a pleasant Italian accent. Here is the link and you just click on the video recipes page. All the measurements are European and some of the ingredients are a guess, but atleast it would give you an idea, and I always like to learn better technique.

Sunday, October 1, 2006

Real Men Make Quiche

Here is a photo of the quiche that Puddleglum has made. Puddleglum has perfected some dishes, and quiche is one of them. To save time he uses Pillsbury's pre-made pie crust that is in the refrigerated section. You just unroll it and put it in the pie plate. It is very good, flaky crust. He will use leftovers or frozen or fresh veggies, so it's different every time.