Sunday, April 2, 2006

Moon Tae Sung 's Birthday 4-3-99

We gave Tae a birthday party at the science museum in town. It was terrific. The bakery didn't make the Korean flag just right, but we'll forgive them. We decided to only invite his class, but we did invite the entire class. There were two young women from the museum who helped with the party, and they did everything. They did a demontration about liquid nitrogen that ended with making ice cream. It was the best time. This party and Jax's second birthday party are both in the Party Hall of Fame. We may do another party in a month with friends outside of his school for a "Gotcha" party or what we might call a "Home At Last" party. His actual gotcha day is 4-30-03, but we got home to the U.S. 5-1-03.
Waiting for cakeOpening presents

JT and cakeClimbing Wall

Liquid Nitrogen Demo (ice cream)JT and dinosaur bones

Playing with space stuffJJ and Simon

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