Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Neat Way to Organize Your Books and Noodle Making

Truly nothing that we have cooked has been particularly "blogworthy". With two seven year olds and a two year old who are quite happy with dishes like meaty spaghetti and Kraft mac and cheese, that shouldn't be surprising. But I don't want my blog to become too stagnant. I was reading my bloglines, and I saw this cool picture on The Scent of Green Bananas page. She has her fiction organized by color! I thought it looked neat.

Also, I saw this video of one way that they make noodles in Insa Dong in Korea. I wondered if I could ever master this skill. I'm sure it is one of those things that take years to get really good at. My only concern would be the cleanliness of the floor where they do this. It is three and half minutes long, but as soon as the red bar is at the end, just scoot it over to the right.

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