Friday, January 5, 2007

Bad Housewarming Gift

A respected couple in our community has built an enormously fancy house in the lot across the street from us. It's simply gorgeous. We have found out that the husband is a vice-president at one of the local universities. On Wednesday when we got our mail, we found that the post woman had placed their Sears card bill in our mailbox. So I thought it would be a great idea to send a housewarming gift from us when we took it over to their house. I have an abundance of loose tea leaves. I purchased the peppermint leaf, alfalfa, nettle, and raspberry leaf for a tea recipe where you throw it all together and brew a nice cuppa. After I mixed the dry, green leaves together so the wife could brew a "spot of tea" whenever she wanted, I placed them in a bag to be delivered. That's when I looked into the baggie and realized what it looked like. "Puddleglum, we can't send this gift. Look at it. What does it look like to you?" I believe this gift would have left an erroneous impression of who we are. Fortunately I also have an abundance of Korean chili powder and sent over a jar of that instead.

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