Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Mouse, Boad, Pog

I think Baby grew an inch taller while I was playing with him in the backyard. It's like he is growing up in front of my eyes.

Tonight was one of those magical nights. Tae and Jax were inside playing some games on Yahooligans, and Puddleglum was mowing the lawn. Baby let me rock him in the glider rocker while I sang to him. I like to do that or hold him on the swing with him facing me laying his head against my chest and sing to him. He is so still and quiet when I do that. The birds were singing as they were beginning to roost. Then he wanted to go play. The sky was turning pink and orange, and I walked to the top of the ridge in our yard and sat down. Baby sat beside me. It was so peaceful. The grass is so soft in that part of the yard. I said, "let's roll!" So I held him and rolled down the ridge. He loved it. He was giggling so hard. I ran inside to get the camera and had Puddleglum stop mowing to take a shot.

Baby is talking more and more. He says "Dance Party" (his favorite Wiggles video- he LOVES the Wiggles). When I was giving him a bath tonight, I named outloud the objects I gave him; Micky Mouse, boat, and a frog. He started playing, then he stopped. He grabbed Micky and held him up to me. "Mouse". Then he picked up the boat. "Boad". Then he picked up the frog. "Pog". After a minute or two, he held up Micky and said "mouse" again. Then he threw him out of the tub. I guess Baby is not a Micky Mouse fan. He played with the frog and the boat. There was a dinosaur on the counter, so I gave that to him. I said, "dinosaur". Baby held it up and went, "Grrrr! Didodo!" He played happily with the boat, the frog, and the "didodo". I thought about what a boy he is. When I wrapped him in his towel, he got a playful look in his eye and said, "bye Bath", and waved to the bathtub.

Oh, another cute thing is that he can say five now, except he says, "pive". He asked me to give him five (high five) about ten times tonight. He tried to count sing songy, "piiive. twoooo." (those are the only two numbers he knows). He can name body parts too. When the Wiggles sing that song Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes, Baby can point to everything especially when they get to the part that goes eyes and ears and mouth and nose. It's cute.

Puddleglum got Baby's pjs on him, and they played with a "bouncy ball" (as Baby calls them). He would not part with it. And so, here he is as he fell asleep with his bouncy ball. Oh, kids are hard work, but these are the moments I need to remember!

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