Saturday, August 19, 2006

Healthy Breakfast

Puddleglum has been a gourmet this week. This week he served delicious baked chicken with rice, chili and cornbread (Puddleglum doctored some organic turkey chili with butter beans, red beans, and corn, and he put fresh grated parmesan on top), homemade pizza (everyone got to make their own pizza and the boys all loved smoked oysters on theirs except Baby who ate them off his pizza before it could get baked), our version of taco salad (fried tortilla bowl filled with rice, seasoned ground beef, lettuce, tomatoe, black olives, cilantro, avocado slices, cheese, sour cream, and salsa), and last night he made pulgogi. It was funny. A couple of weeks ago he went to the Korean market to buy ingredients for pulgogi marinade, and the owner said, "why don't you just use this? This is what we use." He uses a commercially prepared marinade. It is delicious. Reminds me of back when Puddleglum and I used to make our own homemade mole sauce (pronounce m0e-le not mole). It's a Mexican sauce that is a true process to make made with ground nuts, Mexican chocolate, and dried chilis (which are roasted, and then reconstituted, and then pureed). When I was talking to my friend, Juana, who grew up in Mexico, about it, she said, "Why don't you just buy it in a jar and add a little peanut butter. That's what I do." That's what we've been doing ever since. Simplify. Right?

This morning Puddleglum made pancakes with homemade strawberry sauce made from fresh strawberries, and he served it with fresh peach and kiwi slices. It's hard to stay low carb around here, but I only ate one bite. I am sticking with my low carb breakfast and a hot cup of coffee this morning. It's not bad. I cut a pita in half, then stick each half in the toaster. I drizzle in a bit of olive oil and put a fried egg in each. Eat it while it's hot. It grosses Puddlegum out that I like the yolk runny. To each his own.

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