Sunday, September 14, 2008

Insult to Injury for the Astros (Off Topic)

Puddleglum is so outraged by a sports decision, I decided to let him post his fumes here.

Houston has been damaged by high winds and rain from Ike, so the home game that the Astros were supposed to play against the Chicago Cubs had to be moved. There has been a longstanding bitter rivalry between the Cubs and Astros for years.

I was disappointed and surprised when the Commissioner of major league baseball, Bud Selig, decided that the game should be played in Milwaukee. He used to be the owner of the Milwaukee Brewers years ago and remains a faithful Brewers fan (born and raised in Milwaukee). Milwaukee is maybe an hour and a half bus ride from Chicago. The Astros players had to take a 4am flight to get there. All those ratty Cubs fans didn't have far to travel. This game was supposed to be a home game for the Astros. So much for home field advantage.

There are several things that stink here. One is that the game could easily have been played in Texas. One possibility was Round Rock where the Astros' triple A team plays. Another possibility was Arlington. Why move it to Milwaukee which is so close to Chicago? Here's why. The Houston Astros and the Milwaukee Brewers are both fighting for a wild card spot. So if you take away the Astros home field advantage, throw in a bunch of mouthy Cubs fans, and then have some Brewers fans show up for good measure, the Cubs could reduce the chance that the Astros will get a wildcard spot.

It was a Cubs shutout five zip and a no hitter to boot. Houston is still recovering from a weather disaster with many people still without power. The compassion shown by Bud Selig is pathetic, and this from a man who makes 14.5 million a year and whose contract with the MLB doesn't expire until 2012. Who is going to challenge this gazillionaire? Sorry Astros. This Bud's not for you...

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